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Different ways to wear a belt!

There are many ways to wear an outfit and to accessorize, but a belt is one of the most popular accessories to change up an outfit! A belt can be used for many different outfits and can be worked in so many ways. The good thing about belts is that it comes in various sizes, colours, and patterns. There is a belt for every outfit!

Dresses are very commonly coordinated with belts! You would want to choose a belt that is a dark colour so it flatters your dress. Another option is to choose a belt that is a completely different bright colour to attract attention towards the outfit.

Different ways to wear a belt!

Do you ever get tired of the same blazer look with your open buttons? Try adding a skinny belt to your blazer outfit! You still get to keep your blazer open but keep it semi-closed with a belt! It also brings variety and still keeps the professional look to your outfit. If you want to wear a different colour pair of shoes from your outfit then you can find a belt that matches your shoes and it will look great!

You can also add a belt to a plaid shirt! You probably always see girls wearing plain plaid shirts but adding a belt makes it unique and different from those other girls. Plaid shirts can also come off as a bit of a “lumberjack” look so wearing a belt will tighten the shirt and make it look more feminine.

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