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Floral hair accessories!

Floral headpieces are the perfect accessories to compliment your hair! They will make you look very feminine and lady-like and bring a happy and cheerful tone to your overall look! There are many ways you can style your hair with floral accessories and you can use them for any occasion! It brings colour to your look and brightens up your face! Floral hair accessories are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or for costumes.

I’ve chosen four of my favourite looks with summer headpieces!

The first look is a floral headband and this is good for hairstyles that are let loose and let down. I would recommend keeping your hair wavy and messy to coordinate the headband.

Floral hair accessories!

The second headband is a boho-chic style with a round headband that covers a bit of the forehead. It’s a bohemian hairstyle that would look good with flatter hair so it’s not too difficult for the headband to hold the hair.

The third headpiece is also a round headband but it is worn on top of the head to give it a “hippie” look. I would most likely find this look for a wedding occasion, because it’s a soft and beautiful look.

The fourth look is my favourite! It can be used with any hairstyle whether your hair is up or down. It is the perfect floral headpiece for a formal occasion and I would recommend it with a hair bun.


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