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Hair Today Not Gone Tomorrow

It does more than keep your head warm. Hair can show a quiet, confident, trendy etc. Person. The colours you can get nowadays are exceptional, but also remember get advice because skin tone and lifestyle plays a big part, instead of complimenting you it can go horribly wrong. Each person is a individual and therefore will suit different things.

Hair Today Not Gone Tomorrow

Have a good look at yourself in the mirror, notice your colour of hair especially base tones ( (the actual colour black, brown. Red, blonde) then notice the natural highlights (best seen in daylight) Hair is made from the 4 basic pigments Black, brown, red, blonde whatever pigment you have most of is your all over colour. Highlights you will notice more at the front, hair is always that bit lighter at the front because of the elements. Now that you have got that sorted out what colour should you go for.

A major change blonde – black this be a disaster if not done right. You have to use red pigment to avoid it turning green “not pretty” and the same vice versa.
Any colour can be achieved if you have got the confidence to try it and a change is as good as a holiday so go for it. Some people you have to strip the colour out of the hair completely in order to get the desired result.
Hair come under the fast growing cell category, it does not stop keeps on going as long as you do that is how when receiving chemotherapy it falls out. Chemotherapy targets fast growing cells like cancer in order to stop them and unfortunately stop the hair cells too but still a small price to pay because it usually grows back in.


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