How to wear a maxi skirt!

How to wear a maxi skirt!
03:42, 29 April 2020
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Maxi skirts are perfect for breezy spring and summer weather! You still get to wear a skirt and keep warm as well. They can also be hard to coordinate with your look but with the many possibilities, there is always a way! Maxi skirts simply look good with any plain top, but I’m going to change it up and make it look unique and different.

Maxi skirts are expected to have a very feminine and flowy look to your outfit. Sometimes, you may want to change it up and add a little bit of an edge to your outfit. A leather biker jacket is the trick! This outfit will be ideal for the night at a bar or for roaming the city.

How to wear a maxi skirt!

Denim is very trendy right now and girls are always trying to incorporate denim into their outfits, and I’m not just talking about denim jeans. There are denim vests, shirts, jackets, and etc. Denim brings a bit of a western taste to an outfit, which is out of the ordinary. It makes your outfit look fashionably unique and it is the perfect street wear! A denim shirt would be the best clothing item to fit with a maxi skirt. It gives you that comfortable look that girls will be envious of.

You will most likely see girls wearing a maxi skirt with solid colours but how often do you see a girl with a patterned maxi skirt? A striped or polka dot maxi skirt would be out of the ordinary as well, but it looks just as good. To work this outfit, there would have to be a reversed switch with the top being a solid colour. If you have a patterned top and skirt then it looks too complicated, and complicated doesn’t look good. I would suggest changing up the style every once in a while to add variety to your closet.

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