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Stay at home and try a Simple Unique Nail Trends!

Do you ever get bored of your nails being painted a solid basic colour? Want to try something new with your nails? Try these easy-to-do nail designs that will grab attention to your nails!

Two Colour Tone Manicure is a combination of two solid colours! It is recommended to choose two bold and bright colours to acquire a funky look! You can create this design in the form of a normal French manicure with a coloured tip or you can do a side/bottom tip instead!

Stay at home and try a Simple Unique Nail Trends!

Ombre Manicure is a multicoloured stripe with colours graduating from light to dark. This also allows you to have a combination of two or three colours but they are fully separated from each other. The colours are slightly mixed together to achieve the ombre effect.

There is also another way to achieve the ombre effect! You can paint your nails from light to dark horizontally! Instead of making a strip and meshing the colours together, you can just paint each nail a darker shade from light to dark.

Accent Nail Manicure entails having one of your nails painted a different colour than the rest! You can accent the nail using a different solid colour, bright pattern, glitter, design, nail sticker, or a different polish finish.

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