Make up or War paint - The best beauty tips from beautician

Make up or War paint - The best beauty tips from beautician
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06:34, 14 November 2019
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There is a lot of different beliefs regarding make-up, in my opinion less is more. When your are young mother nature has given you a beautiful wrinkle free complexion so why hide under layers of oil or water based artificial pigment. Let you natural beauty shine through remember make-up is only to improve on what was given to you at birth. I have been a fully qualified cosmetologist for about 15 years now and I have advised this to my younger clients.
Make up or War paint - The best beauty tips from beautician

Teenagers through lack of confidence pile it on thinking that they will hide all their imperfections when really they had just highlighted them, you see that is what make-up is a highlighter it draws attention to the good bits. A young girl starting out a bit of lip gloss and some mascara that’s all you need. At night in your room maybe with friends practice eye shadow and blush, make sure it is a friend who will tell you the truth. I used to have make-up parties when my friends were sleeping over we had great fun, trying to improve each other or just making a monster out of each other. Give it a try girls you need to hide nothing so this is your time to shine.

Getting older it happens to us all, I am in my 30’s and noticing some new lines that were not there before. Don’t think you can fill them with make-up it does not work remember in my previous paragraph you will just highlight them. His is when you take the focus off them, pay attention to your eyes but not too heavy just define them more with eyeliner and the brow bone should be a light shade. Define your lips more with lip pencil it also stops colour bleeding. Your blush should be minimal just highlighted. When your eyebrows are perfectly tweezed, your eye shadow is applied well along with definition created with the eye pencil, your cheeks hollow highlighted with a light blush maybe some highlighter at the top of the cheek and the most perfectly defined kissable lips ever you will be giving the stars a run for their money.

Getting on a bit believe it or not you use less make-up. My most important tip is lighter shade off lipsticks is the way to go because darker shades make you look older, try it you will see for yourself. Do not fall into the trap of too much powder I call them scone ladies, you should use a base near to your skin colour, lightly defined eyes and definitely lip liner because of colour bleeding. If you follow these steps you can embrace getting older because that brings its own beauty, the kind that shines from the inside.
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