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10 Beauty Tricks to make you look 10 years younger

It took me a while to accept the fact that security will no longer ask me for my ID everytime I walk into a pub, club or casino, no matter how long I hover near the doorway. But that doesn’t mean I’ll turn my back on these 10 make-up and hairstyle tricks that will help shed some years off the face.
10 Beauty Tricks to make you look 10 years younger


1. A fringe, especially swept to one side, will not only instantly make you look younger but will hide the wrinkles on your forehead.

2. Style your hair with a few short layers near the top of the head if your length hair is above the shoulders. This adds volume to the crown and takes the attention away from any facial sagging features.

3. If you have a high forehead, sideswept layers will make your facial features softer and less severe.

4. Dyeing grey hairs can actually make them shinier. Grey hairs appear and feel rougher because they have thicker cuticles and dyeing them will make them smoother and more light-reflective.

5. Add highlights to dark hair, especially if your skin colour is light. The highlights will add depth to your hair while making your features look softer.


1. The hollowness of your cheeks become more pronounced as you get older and applying blush along your cheekbones will only emphasise this. Instead, add a tinge of colour only to the apples of your cheeks and opt for a cream blush.

2. To hide red spots on your face, use sheer, yellow-toned foundation and apply only where necessary.

3. To minimize the appearance of shadows under your eyes, dab a concentrated and creamy concealer under the eyes and on the lids. For the rest of the face, choose make-up colours that will offset the dark circles (ie light pinks, beiges) and avoid dark colours.

4. Make your eyes appear wider by applying two coats of waterproof mascara, wait a few seconds then curl them (this ensures the curl will stay in place throughout the day).

5. To wake up tired eyes, line the upper and bottom lids with a dark pencil, extending it out slightly past the corner of the eye to give it a lift. Then add a gold shimmer or a lighter eyeshadow on your browbone.

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