What's your tried-and-tested Beauty trick?

What's your tried-and-tested Beauty trick?
08:03, 14 November 2019
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Whether you came across them by accident, your favourite celeb swears by them or your friend strongly recommends them, there are some beauty tricks that actually work and don't break your budget. Here are some of mine, what's yours?
What's your tried-and-tested Beauty trick?

1. This one I found by accident when I had a slight shaving mishap and had to stay in the bathroom for a while. Directly after showering, rub moisturiser all over your body and stay inside the bathroom for 10-15 minutes (brush your teeth, wash your face, sit in the toilet, etc). I find that the warm, damp air makes my skin absorb the moisture, making my skin softer and more supple.

2. Another one I found by accident - directly after a morning workout, wash your face and slather on some moisturiser. You'll have a natural healthy glow that will last all day that you'd hate to cover up with make-up.

3. How many times have you find yourself rushing home from work to prepare for a big night to find you don't have time to wash your greasy, limp hair? Add volume and absorb the grease by rubbing talc powder into the roots of your hair and blow-drying it. This is a trick a lot of hairdressers swear by.

4. To make the curl on your lashes stay longer, use the eyelash curler AFTER the mascara, but wait about a minute.

5. Lips looking and feeling chapped because of the recent weather? Condition and plump your lips by gently scrubbing vaseline onto them with a dry toothbrush at night. In the morning, create your own coloured lipgloss by mixing vaseline with your favourite shade of lipstick.

6. If you're Asian, you'll understand what I'm talking about when I ask - don't you hate how the hairs on your eyebrows go straight down, sometimes creating a ragged, uneven bottom line? Brush your eyebrows across with a hair gel and cut off any stray hairs at the bottom.

7. I tend to stay away from eyeliner pencils to fill in the gaps as they can make your brows look harsher. Besides, having 'leaking' eyebrows in the rain aren't very attractive, you know. Opt for a brow bush powder instead - one or two shades lighter (if you're a brunette) or darker (if you're blonde) for a soft, natural brow look.

8. After washing and towel drying your hair, bend over and let your hair hang down then blow dry from the root to the tips to create instant volume in your hair. Never blow up against the hair tips as this causes damage to the hair and more split ends.

9. Here's a facial scrub masque that you can whip up yourself at home or if you've forgotten to have your daily dose of fruits and there is a bunch of rotting bananas on your counter. Mash one banana and mix well with 3-4 tablespoons of honey. Apply an even layer to your face and let it set for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly to reveal an oh-so-smooth face.

10. I've only recently just tried this and will be looking out for the results but apparently, this is a huge hollwyood beauty trick, according to Diane Irons, a model who's written several books on beauty and make-up tips she's picked up from the modelling industry. Did you know that caffeine is a key ingredient in many expensive products targeting cellulite? Don't throw away those used coffee grounds just yet. While still warm, rub the coffee grounds onto your problem areas (you may want to line your bathroom floor with papers to catch all the residue), seal the grounds to your skin with a cling wrap and leave for 5 minutes. Shower afterwards.
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