Snappy and Sexy Holiday Hairstyles

Snappy and Sexy Holiday Hairstyles
06:37, 28 September 2019
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'Tis the season for excessive spending, nonstop cookie noshing and socializing with reckless abandon. Amidst all the present wrapping and holiday card sending, we all struggle to find the time to look our best, no matter what the occasion. With countless holiday parties pending and possible soirees at your very home, quick and sassy hairstyles can really come in handy!
Snappy and Sexy Holiday Hairstyles

Regardless of your hair texture, color and style, you're bound to find a few tips in here that make your holiday primping just a bit easier.

For the multi-tasker...

If you're the kind of woman who's always got a dozen different things going on at once, you may appreciate a hairstyle that allows you to focus on another element of your prep at the same time. Have you tried hot rollers? Great for hair that takes to curls and manageable with products for hair that sometimes resists them, this helpful styling appliance even clues you in when curlers are ready to be applied and when they can be removed. While your curls are setting, apply your eye makeup, perfume, jewelry and other fancy accessories.
Snappy and Sexy Holiday Hairstyles
Snappy and Sexy Holiday Hairstyles

For the glamour girl...

If you've got time to spare, you can really enjoy the full experience of getting dolled up! Whether you prefer cascading curls, soft waves or shiny and straight hair, your evening outfit will be complete once you adjust the finishing touches on your tresses. Consider a head full of spiraling curls, accented by a few silver hairclips. Dress up a traditionally straight style with micro-braids and festive little barrettes or hair accessories. Weave miniature flowers or tiny ribbons in a perfect French braid, allowing a few strands to sneak out and rest against the back of your neck. Finally, you can twist and pin your hair up with a large hairpin and curl the locks that spill out from the twist. If you select this style, use additional bobby pins to fasten the twist securely to your head.

For the chic pixie

If a shorter style is the name of the game, this holiday season you'll be anything but lame. Arm yourself with some styling products, especially a good gel and mousse. For a flirty look, apply gel and work some of your short locks into curly sections and pin them wildly about your head. This look will be nicely accented by your choice of makeup, especially around the eyes. You can also use a styling product by itself to encourage your own curls or waves to come out to play for the evening. Experiment with straight styles and curly styles, and both straight and zigzag parts.
Snappy and Sexy Holiday Hairstyles
Snappy and Sexy Holiday Hairstyles
Snappy and Sexy Holiday Hairstyles

For the last-minute lovely...

If you've only got a few moments to spare, simplicity will be your best friend. If your hair responds well to blow-drying, consider getting sassy with a zigzag part. After washing your hair, dry it straight. Take a comb and trace a zigzag from your forehead back. Brush your tresses as you normally would, being especially careful not to disturb your new part. Adorn your sleek style with a delicate yet fancy hair clip. Better yet if you can find one to match your outfit.
Snappy and Sexy Holiday Hairstyles

Once the primping process concludes, kick back, relax and prepare to have the time of your life. No matter which style you choose, step outside with confidence and realize that you are the spark that lights up the party.
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