Double outlined eyes. Nice shot.

Double outlined eyes. Nice shot.
05:54, 27 April 2018
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In 20th century Marilyn Monroe, gorgeous Odri Hepberni and peerless Liz Taylor used to play around rimming their eyes with eyeliner. And we can anmire their black-and-white photographs even now.

It seems that there are no similarities between Hollywood, new-look and modern everyday makeup. But women of fashion still continue using double eyeliner to stand out from the crowd and emphasize their individuality.

Plan of work: to rim your eyes with eyeliner.

Below there is a step-by-step instruction how to double rim your eyes with eyeliner and thereby finish your makeup.

1) Create the base: paint your eyelid with opaque or nacreous eye colors of neutral tones.

It will make your skin smooth with the help of tinting cream or BB-cream, so the lines around your eyes will not "slip".

2) Use your brush to paint line from the very beginning of upper eyelid (It should start at the inner corner of the eye).

It should be twice as thick near the apple of your eye as it is near the outer corner of the eye.
You should flick the line up a little bit without reaching the corner of your eye.

3) It is known that lower lid should be painted in the direction of your nose.
This is how the massage lines go, because the skin around the eyes is very thin.
At the beginning second line should duplicate the first one, but as it approaches the apple of the eye it should become thicker.

Double outlined eyes. Nice shot.

Double outlined eyes. Nice shot.

Important recommendations!

You must not close a contour unless your eyes are really big or protuberant.

Otherwise, your fully outlined eyes will seem comically small and inexpressive.

Along with make-up sticks and eyeliners there are felt-tip pens for lids and gels, but only professionals should work with them. One thing goes wrong and the whole makeup has to be remade.

Color of eyeliner. If you are planning out, you should choose dramatic black. Brown and grey will look more natural. If you want to make your eyes bigger, you should use white eyeliner to outline your lower lid. It will look creative and unconventional.

As it was mentioned before, playful use of eyeliner is not just a tribute to fashion of fifties. This trend can be met outside retro-parties now. It's widely used to increase our natural beauty.

Double outlined eyes. Nice shot.

Double outlined eyes. Nice shot.

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