Make up Trends Winter 2020

Make up Trends Winter 2020
06:30, 08 December 2019
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Make your eyes shimmer, sparkle and dance and stock up on the range of metallic eyeshadow because it’s all about bringing focus to your eyes this spring/summer season. Opt for lighter metallic shades like white, pink or gold during the day and more dramatic shades like purple, blue and forest green at night. Apply a lighter shade of metallic eyeshadow over the entire eyelid, working into the inner corners of the eye and use a darker shade into the crease of the lid. Line the inner sides of your eye with a black or dark brown eyeliner for a smouldering effect.

Make up Trends Winter 2020


The bushy eyebrows of the 80s are back so think carefully before you pick up those tweezers. But before you can sigh with relief and say goodbye to the painstaking process of tweezing, bushy can also mean scraggly (aka Incredible Hulk), when not maintained. So treat them like the hair on top of your head – tame them with gel and brush them up.


So that’s why more women are lining up for lash extensions these days. What better way to complement your new shimmering, sparkling eyeshadow than with long, full, almost-fake lashes? For those who would rather stay away from the fake stuff, invest in eyelash curlers and a great mascara that gives you both length and volume without the clump.


I don’t know about you but with the warm weather upon us, I don’t like my face feeling too heavy with make-up so hearing that covering your entire face with foundation is a no-no this season is good news for me. The aim is to use as little coverage as possible and make-up artists say that most people can get an even skin tone with just a tinted moisturiser (with sunscreen). If you want to hide away blemishes, apply dots of concealer and a brush of loose powder.


The colour of healthy, sun-kissed cheeks to complement the tan you’ll be getting this season.


Just because the focus is all on the eyes doesn’t mean your lips should look washed out. So your lips can get just a little bit of attention even with its nude colour, the aim is to make them appear fuller and luscious. Opt for a lipstick that will give your pout a sheer gloss and a lip plumper for a fuller pout.

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