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How to style your bangs!

Want to freshen up your boring hairstyle? Bangs are a popular hairstyle for females! It can also be very hard to style and to coordinate to your face structure. Bangs help shape your face and enhance a more youthful look! You can have bangs with any kind of hairstyle as long as you know how to style it.

For a more dramatic look, you should go with blunt straight bangs. It is a more bold and confident look and definitely made for a diva. Straight bangs will also make your eyes pop and bring out its features. Straight bangs would also look great with straight hair to maintain the poise of the bangs.

How to style your bangs!

For a softer look, you should go with side bangs. This brings out a more cute and sweetheart look. Side bangs have a bit of a wave at the bottom of the bangs that bring it to the side, so I would recommend wavy hair to go with side bangs.

For a messy casual look, you should part your bangs in the middle to separate it for the messy look. This look is great for an everyday look and will look great with your hair up or down! It takes very little effort to achieve this look and it’s one of my favourites!


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