Summer Hairstyles 2020

Summer Hairstyles 2020
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05:11, 04 May 2020
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A lot of girls like to wear their hair down but when the summer hot weather hits, you might want to change your everyday hairstyles. During the summer, you don’t want to have your hair in your face, on your neck, or lying on your shoulders. You want to have a cool and breezy feel through your hair. Everyone can just put their hair up in a ponytail but there’s more fun by adding creativity to your hair!

My favourite summer hairstyle is a side braid of any kind. It keeps the hair out of the face and you can add a braid to any hairstyle! You can leave your hair down and still braid it on the side or tie it up in a bun. The side braid is a very versatile hairstyle and can work with any occasion. I have chosen two of my favourite side braid hairstyles. One is a simple small braid at the top of the head with a low ponytail, and a huge side braid that collects all of your hair for a messy look.

Summer Hairstyles 2020

A hair knot or a hair bun is the perfect solution to eliminating your hair off your face, neck, and shoulders! This hairstyle is ideal for work, parties, or for a casual walk in the park. It keeps you feeling cool and reduces any sweating. This hairstyle brings out your facial features and shows off your beauty.

Everyone’s favourite summer hairstyle is the wavy beach hair! It gives a bouncy vibe to the hair so it doesn’t stick to your neck like flat straight hair would. It is a perfect casual look and it will look good with hair that is either up or down. The wavy beach hair is fun, girly, and versatile!

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