Hair powder

Hair powder
06:35, 12 June 2018
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WOW-volume: is there any difference between a cheap and expensive powder for hair?

Let's figure it out, if it is worth buying an expensive texturizing powder for hair or not and what are its differences from the cheap one.

Texturizing powders are in great demand. It not only adds volume, but also helps to make the necessary styling. This product is suitable for thin hair. It will make them visually stronger, thicker and more magnificent. Unlike the hair gel, it does not weight the structure. When in contact with the roots of the hair and the scalp, it envelops the root of each hair with a sheath, making it more elastic.

There is not only white powder, but also colored. It is able to lighten or give a shade to the strands. And it's an excellent option for streaked hair!

In the XIV century at the French court not only the face, but also the hair was powdered by adding to the powder gold and silver pigments. That's where the love for colored strands comes from!


As we said, WOW-volume is provided to you with such a tool. Another function of the powder is also matting. The powder absorbs fat and thus fights with oily hair like dry shampoos. It refreshes your hair. The main thing is not to overdo it. The disadvantage is the high price of some brands. After applying this texturing tool you will have to wash your head, because the effect of the varnish is still in the powder for hair.

Caution use powder on dark hair. It can slightly lighten the strands or leave a gray tinge!

How to use

Use the product only on dry hair. It is simply enough to distribute the powder, you can do it even from the bottle. Pay special attention to the roots. Do not apply for the entire length, this will not give you the desired result. The final stage is to lift your hai rwith your fingers and put the powder in your hair. But everything always depends on the product. For example, some colored powders need to be distributed in curls, and then to be dried with a hairdryer. Some experts do not recommend applying on the hair roots. Try not to inhale powdered products, they can cause diseases of the respiratory tract.


It looks like a powder with a light texture. There are the following components in the hair powder: water, silicon dioxide, viscose fiber, glycerin, citric acid, sodium benzoate and others. Do not use this product every day, because it can overdry the scalp. It is better to avoid talc, which can be part of the powder, because it draws moisture out of the hair. There is a practically identical structure both in expensive and in cheap powder. Most often they do not contain perfumes, so they don't give flavor. And this is a huge advantage!

We told you about the "magic dust", which instantly gives WOW-volume to thin hair, so choose one and go ahead!

Hair powder

Hair powder

Hair powder

Hair powder

Hair powder

Hair powder
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