Lemon Detox Diet Review

Lemon Detox Diet Review
05:04, 24 November 2019
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Ok all, so I was a person who wanted to read reviews on people’s experience on the Lemon Detox Program.

Thus I thought I would give you my review for the first three days to date and complete another one at the end. So I am a 26yr old female, starting weight at 57.2kg and 5 foot 3 inches tall.

Lemon Detox Diet Review

I am currently at the heaviest weight I have been as I am a sporty person but after my wedding I relaxed and ate my way to 58 about 4kg. To some it might not sound a lot but to me it is a concern and I believe to get off the extra kilos before they start to get out of control, thus the detox was on.

Day 1

Starting weight 57.2kg

So it tells you to drink 1L of salt water first thing in the morning. I thought ok no worries…. It made me gag.

I just could not do it… I lasted about 4 slips and had enough…. Not a good start.

I made my first drink in a 600 ml bottle. I hate the cayenne pepper in it thus decide to go against it for future drinks, which for me tastes so much better.

People talk about the taste and I found it easy to drink – not a problem at all for me, but it’s not for everyone.

But again I have not made it to the letter as I took out the pepper – so might not be doing its job as effectively.

So not really a problem hunger wise until about 4pm when it kicked in. I really wanted to eat but decided nope stay strong.

The problem was that I had to work that night doing a function.

I thought I didn’t need to bring the drink I will be fine.

NOPE I wasn’t. I was starving all shift and handing out hot food killed me.

So please always bring the detox drink wherever you are I say.

Got to bed about 2am to a good sleep.

Lemon Detox Diet Review

Day 2

Had to go to work at 9am the next day so not a lot of sleep I gave the salt water a go first to my surprise after leaving it in my drink bottle for the day taste was much better.

But only had a few sips as running late for work.

This day was worse than the first day hunger wise.

I woke up with a headache, but didn’t take anything and eventually went away.

Weighed myself to a loss of 1kg, happy days… this keeps me motivated to get around a 4-5kg drop. But will be happy with 3kg

Worked during the day which I ran out of my drink as I made 1.2L and drank pretty quick.

Thus hunger really got me around 3pm when I got home to the smell of fried rice… so temping but again mind over matter and I survived.

Feeling really cold today, but not sure if its detoxing or just the cold weather?

Feel asleep for half an hour but having worked till 2am and having to get up at 9am for work again prob the lack of sleep then the detox for why I am tired.

But at 9.30pm when I want to go to sleep find it really hard as I am wide awake. I don’t usually have trouble sleeping at all even with an arvo nap.

Eventually feel asleep and slept well.

Drank around 3L of the mix and only 1L of water.

Have not tried the tea yet.

Lemon Detox Diet Review

Day 3

I do a boot camp class that I pay upfront for a month. Thus tough decision on if I should attend and decide that I don’t want to pay and not go.

Thus woke up at 5.30am with more ease then I usually do and head off to the session.

To my horror I have to run 6km…. let’s just say at the 3km mark my legs and body feel like a tonne of bricks – so heavy unbelievable but I make it.

Go home exhausted and can hardly lift my arms to take a shower…

But weight myself and have lost .5kg total of 1.5kg in two days.

Hoping for the 1kg again as it felt a lot harder day 2 but happy to get the results and keeps me motivated.

This morning not really hungry even after my killer run. I think the worse is over then I head into work to find a huge plate of donuts sitting there wanting me to eat them….

Smelt so good and looked even better… I’m not a huge cake person, chocolate is my downfall but I tell you what they were the best looking donuts I have seen in a long time.

But I say no and head back to my desk with my lemon drink and get to work.

10.30am the hunger starts to really kick in – have had 600ml of the lemon drink so plan to drink a lot more to stop the cravings.

Hate to give this info but lets say I did pass no.2 after 2 days – without the tea or alot of salt water but dont recommend my way if the detox is suggesting having these and the pepper.

Have a slight constant headache all morning not really bad but annoying.

Not sure if you can eat Chewing Gum but I have been eating it to get another flavor and to avoid bad breath which is one of the symptoms I read in the book you get.

So I also find it hard to concentrate at work as well.

Well it is lunchtime day 3 and the hunger isn’t too bad, my tummy is rumbling but I am not dying from hunger

But I can tell you it feels like the longest days as you are constantly counting down the days to finish it.

Mind over Matter…. I will write back when I have done the 7 days or maybe another update at day 5.

Look forward to any questions or comments.
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