The Best African American Hair Weaving Techniques

The Best African American Hair Weaving Techniques
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06:22, 12 September 2019
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Check out the best African American hair weaving techniques, the hair bonding and fusion weaving.

The Best African American Hair Weaving Techniques

There are several weaving techniques, more or less lasting, however those who want long and healthy strands tend to experiment with all of them. The following two techniques are the most appreciated ones, especially for African American hair weaving.

Bonded Weaves

Bonding is the easiest method of attaching hair extensions, however it can easily damage your hair. The stylist will use a special hair glue to bond the extension strands to your natural hair. These wefts should match the texture of your hair and its natural color. This method will create a natural effect and you will have the chance to style your strands as you wish. However bonding is not as lasting as braiding, due to several factors as weather, inappropriate hair care it can last only 2-3 weeks. Remember these should be detached by a stylist, if you do it yourself you can cause a lot of damage to your hair. If you want to try it anyway use some glue remover specially designed for bonding glues. There are several DIY kits, to save money and time, but if you want a 100% guarantee contact a professional.

Fusion Weaves

Fusion is an extremely popular method for attaching hair extensions, especially among African American women. Even if it's a bit more expensive than other hair weaving the result is also more dramatic. This techniques implies the use of hot wax, the natural hair is separated into smaller parts. Then the extensions are attached to the strands applying the wax. It is proved that fusion weaves are the most lasting types of extensions, if you care for them, you can have them for 2-3 months. By choosing this method you'll cause minimal damage to your hair, bonding has more drawbacks than this technique. The extensions will blend into your hair creating an authentic look.
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